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The Lapwing Big Blue range of specialist concrete hand tools, is a growing range of professional quality tools for the concreting contractor. Large stocks of the Big Blue easy float are stocked both as complete kits and as replacement components, along with Magnesium Bull Floats and Fresno Broom Floats.

These Big Blue float systems share common pitch head and handle systems. Also stocked are a range of hand floats, placers, screed bars and tamps. We also supply a range of power screeds and vibrators, please contact the sales office for details.

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Concrete Hand Tools

Here at Lapwing, we sell high-quality concrete tools from both the Big Blue and Orbit ranges, ideal for contractors looking to apply textures and finishes to a range of concrete types. Our range of concrete finishing tools are made from premium materials allowing for frequent usage and longevity. Explore our finishing trowels, made from high-carbon polished spring steel, our Big Blue float kits with extra extension handles, or grab our lightweight concrete placers. Lapwing guarantees you’ll find concrete hand tools to suit your needs, whether it’s for testing concrete formwork, smoothing out your final finishes or applying a nonslip concrete surface to your slabs.

Types of Concrete Tools Available

Lapwing has a wide range of different concrete tools for sale. We stock a range of hand floats, placers, screed bars, tamps, mould oils and concrete curing agents, along with Magnesium Bul Floats and Fresno Broom Floats. Large stocks of the Big Blue easy float are stocked both as complete kits and as replacement components. Lapwing has all the concreting tools you could ever need all at affordable prices.

  • Mixers

    Mixers are essential tools in the concrete industry, facilitating the thorough blending of cement, aggregates and water to create a consistent and workable mixture. They save time and effort for users by automating the mixing process, ensuring uniformity, and enhancing the efficiency of construction projects.

  • Construction Floats

    During the finishing process, construction floats are concreting tools used to level and smooth concrete surfaces. They minimise the need for heavy manual labour by providing a smooth and even finish. Lapwing’s range of construction floats allow users to accomplish professional outcomes, shorten project durations and improve the visual aesthetic of concrete structures. Many of the Big Blue range of floats feature adjustable handles and extensions as well as being stocked in various sizes.

  • Concrete Rakes

    We have an extensive range of concrete rakes, all designed to specialise in spreading and levelling freshly poured concrete. These concrete hand tools help users achieve even distribution and eliminate air pockets, leading to a smoother and more durable finish. A concrete rake from Lapwing enhances efficiency, minimises concrete waste and promotes a higher-quality outcome for construction projects, making them invaluable to users in the industry.

  • Concrete Groovers

    Purchase our concrete groovers that are perfect for creating grooves or patterns in concrete surfaces, providing unique aesthetics and controlling cracking. These concrete finishing tools are widely used in various industries, including landscaping and road construction, where users benefit by adding decorative elements to surfaces, improving traction on walkways and helping to enhance the durability of concrete in different applications.


What tools do I need for concrete work?

For concrete work, you may require various concrete tools such as a mixer for mixing, forms for shaping, trowels and floats for finishing, concrete saws for cutting and measurement instruments for detailed laying accuracy. Other concrete hand tools may include concrete vibrators for compaction, a levelling screed and wheelbarrows and buckets which are a part of Lapwing’s construction site supplies. With the help of these concreting tools, you can mix, pour, shape and finish concrete with accuracy and excellence.

What tools do concrete workers use?

To perform their jobs effectively, concrete workers will use a range of tools. Mixers, trowels, forms, floats, edgers, bull floats, concrete saws, screeds, concrete vibrators, measuring devices and transport tools, such as wheelbarrows and concrete buckets, are some of the most utilised concrete tools. In the process of building concrete, each tool has a distinct function that enables concrete workers to accomplish the intended outcomes precisely and quickly. Lapwing supplies a wide range of high-quality concreting tools, explore our range.

How to remove dried concrete from tools?

Although removing dried concrete from tools can be difficult, doing so is necessary to keep them functional. Start by scrubbing away any extra concrete with a wire brush. If the concrete is hard to remove, soak the tools in water until it becomes pliable and then use a chisel or brush to scrape it off. Metal tools can be kept from accumulating lots of dried concrete by routinely cleaning, oiling or greasing them. Maintaining your instruments properly can guarantee they remain functional for years to come.

Where to buy concrete tools?

You can buy concrete tools right here from Lapwing! We have a host of concrete hand tools for sale made from the highest quality materials and can handle a wide variety of concreting projects. We have affordable concrete finishing tools for decorative needs, as well as finishing trowels, concrete placers, screed bars, concrete rakes, mould oils and much more. For more information on our concrete tools, contact us today.