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Drainage contractors, groundworkers and civil engineers, we’ve got you covered for drain cleaning and testing. Our range of specialist products delivers basic drain rods through to Cobra Rodding Systems and essentials like canvas or PVC sealing bags, test kits, drain test dyes and pipe lubrication grease. 

We’re also your source for access tools, manhole and lifting keys, pipe breakers, hoses and fittings – for everything from bib taps to fire hydrants.

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Types of Drain Cleaning Equipment Available

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Types of Drain Cleaning Equipment Available

  • Drain Rods

    Drain unblocker rods are the first step in clearing a blocked drain. They’re hand tools used to loosen and remove as much of the blockage as possible before jetting can be used. Drain rods consist of either a flexible or rigid rod with a circular plunger attachment on the end that matches the diameter of the drainpipe.

    The drain rod is pushed into the blocked drain and repeatedly pushed and pulled in order to create a suction that, in turn, moves and eventually breaks the blockage. Often, using a drainage rod will clear the blockage on its own, but if not, it should at least make way for more forceful procedures such as jetting.

    Drain rods are a budget-friendly option, and a small, good-quality rod and plunger should cost you less than £15 – even a fully equipped professional set will cost less than £100. They can be used on almost any drain, including toilets, and flexible drain rods can adapt to bends in pipes to reach even awkward blockages.

  • Drain Plunger

    A drain plunger is a circular rubber attachment that fits on the end of a drain rod. There are different sizes of drain plungers, and having the correct one fitted to your drainage rod before attempting to clear a blockage is vital.

    The drain plunger should be the same diameter as the internal diameter of the blocked pipe, or as close to as possible. This is so that it can form a vacuum and help pressurise the blockage.
    It’s worth looking out for a drain plunger with and Lockfast fitting, as this will stop the plunger from becoming detached from the drain cleaning rod while twisting inside the pipe. Our Orbit drain plungers all feature Lockfast brass fittings for this reason.


How to use drain rods?

You should first establish whether you need a flexible or rigid drain rod. Then, attach the correct size drain plunger – this should roughly match the internal diameter of the blocked pipe.

With your plunger attached, begin inserting the rod into the drain and plunging it up and down to create suction. With enough pressure and agitation, the blockage should clear.

What tools are used for cleaning drainage systems?

There’s a whole world of drain cleaning equipment, all designed to suit specific tasks and situations.

As well as drain rods and plungers, it’s possible to use drain snakes, domestic plungers, wire brushes, drain cleaning chemicals, and even just standard hand tools such as screwdrivers and wrenches.

Where to buy drain rods?

Drain rods will be available from most tool and equipment suppliers. At Lapwing, we stock a selection of high-quality drain rods and plungers, starting from less than £10 for a rod and plunger.

We also stock complete sets of drain rods and plungers for those who clear drains professionally.

What are drain rods?

Drain rods are lengths of flexible or rigid rods with a circular attachment on the end, used to manually clear blockages in drains.