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All Highway Maintenance Tools & Equipment

Collection: All Highway Maintenance Tools & Equipment

Lapwing has decades of experience in supplying top quality maintenance tools and equipment to the construction trade. With a comprehensive range of products available for highway maintenance tasks, we are proud to be a one stop shop for all your asphalt laying product needs. Whatever the highway maintenance task you have in hand – we have you covered.

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Some Of Our Highway Maintenance Tools

Melba 2m Gate Barrier

Melba 2m Gate Barrier

Created from the highest quality HDPE (high-density polyethylene), the Melba 2m gate barrier is extremely durable and easy to use. With 360-degree swivel feet, and rivets free from screws, the barriers are quick and easy to use and connect even over rough terrain.

T99 Asphalt Release Agent

T99 Asphalt Release Agent

Our 25ltr T99 asphalt release agent and tool cleaner is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic product which replaces red diesel as a method to prevent asphalt and tarmac products from sticking to a variety of surfaces.

Britmix 6mm Permanent Pothole Repair Mix

Britmix 6mm Permanent Pothole Repair Mix

Britmix is able to create instant, durable pothole repairs. Britmix permanent pothole repair mix is easy to work with, has a long shelf life and can repair damaged surfaces, track dips and potholes. For optimum results, follow the Britmix MethodTM.

Pedestrian Trench Cover

Pedestrian Trench Cover

The Melba pedestrian trench cover (1.29 x 0.89m) is an essential maintenance product designed to provide a secure walking surface over trenches and excavations on pavements and construction sites. With built-in handles for moveability, an anti-slip pattern and a flexible ‘skirt’.


What tools do highway maintenance engineers need?

Highway maintenance engineers typically require a range of tools, including but not limited to, traffic cones and signs for safety measures, asphalt crack fillers, pothole repair mix for road repairs, line painting equipment for road markings and various hand tools (shovels, tampers) for manual repairs. Advanced equipment might include vehicles for applying asphalt, road sweepers and safety barriers.

When will I get my product?

For mainland UK, most products can be delivered the next working day, depending on the time of ordering, via courier recorded delivery. For orders destined outside mainland UK, contact our office directly to arrange your products and delivery costs rather than ordering online.

What other highway maintenance tools do you sell?

As one of the premier suppliers of highway maintenance tools and tarmac laying products, Lapwing can offer a comprehensive range. From trench covers and pothole repair mix to barriers, road markers, cones, tar boilers as well as many accessories to ensure the task you’re undertaking is completed efficiently and professionally.

What is your return policy?

We have a stress-free 14-day return policy. If you pack your items securely and contact us, either by phone on 01386 551090 or via our email, we will arrange collection, inspect the order