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Lapwing’s range of Insulated Digging Tools is manufactured to BS8020:2012, the exacting specification for tools to be used where there is a risk of coming into contact with live conductor cables. 

We also offer the Shock-Pro Range of Poly Fibre Insulated Tools from Richard Carter, renowned for their quality and supplied with an individual test certificate for every tool.

Lapwing also stocks a range of Insulated Shuv HolersInsulated Post Hole Spades, Insulated Crow Bars and Insulated Striking Tools.

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Insulated Shovels For Sale

Lapwing’s range of insulated shovels and digging tools are specifically designed for safe digging around live conductor cables or electrified rail areas, with each tool manufactured according to BS8020:2012 regulations. Our wide range of insulated shovels comes in various sizes, but each provides maximum efficiency for tarmacking, digging, trenching and shovelling a variety of aggregates.

Get The Job Done With Lapwing’s Insulated Shovels

Safety is key when working around live cables and electrified areas and that’s why our products are flash tested to 10,000 volts before being certified. Lapwing ensures a product to suit your work duties, from our square-mouth shovels for backfilling concrete, trenches and tarmac mixing to our Polyfibre Insulated Asphalt Rake and lump hammer, perfect for live working conditions. Crafted for professionals who demand the best, our insulated shovels are more than just tools – they’re your partners in achieving unparalleled workplace efficiency, safely.


What are insulated shovels?

For operations near live wires and underground utilities, insulated shovels are specialised digging tools with protective insulation to protect against electrical shocks.

What’s the difference between a regular shovel and an insulated shovel?

Insulated shovels, in contrast to regular shovels, have a specialist layer of insulation on the handle and the shaft, providing extra protection when working around electrical components by not allowing electrical current to pass through to the user.

Do you deliver across the UK?

Yes, Lapwing delivers via courier recorded, next-day delivery across the UK. Our insulated shovels are accessible to professionals in every corner of the nation. See our delivery policy for more details.

How long does delivery take?

We arrange next working day delivery of our insulated shovels and other products. If you are ordering from outside of the UK, please get in touch with us to organise your order and delivery costs.