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Traffic Cones

Collection: Traffic Cones

Lapwing supplies a wide range of traffic cones for sale all compliant with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual, as published by The Department of Transport, enabling you to conduct road works safely and ensuring traffic and pedestrians understand your boundaries. We stock many types of traffic and road cones, from highway and no waiting cones to danger overhead cables and no waiting signage.

You’ll be able to establish a safe site with our range of road cones for sale. Highly visible, durable and reusable – Lapwing is the place to get them.

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What Are Traffic Cones?

Traffic cones, commonly known as road cones or safety cones, are placed on walkways or roads to temporarily reroute traffic safely or stop pedestrians from entering work areas. They are frequently used to indicate dangers, construction zones and area boundaries. A traffic cone must adhere to certain visibility and durability requirements as outlined in Chapter 8 of the Department of Transport Regulations to be considered road legal in the UK. All our traffic cones at Lapwing comply with these regulations.

Our Range of Road Traffic Cones

1 Part Highway Cones with D2 Sleeve

Our 1 Part Highway Cone with D2 Sleeve is ideal for contractors and adheres to D2 EN13422 regulations. This measures 750mm in height and can be used to outline zones to separate vehicles and pedestrians. The D2 sleeve is easily visible day and night, and the cone is fixed to a self-weighted base that offers undeniable stability made from 100% recycled thermoplastic.

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2 Part Highway Cones with D2 Sleeve 750mm & 1000mm

We supply 2 Part Highway Cones with D2 Sleeves that are ideal for positioning in heavy traffic areas. The cone can be removed from the 100% tough recycled plastic base and swapped out for other types of road cones. On top of the included D2 sleeve, you can have your company details embossed.

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2 Part Blue Cone W/Danger O/Head Cable Sleeve

Utilise the 2 Part Blue Cone with Danger Overhead Cables’ sleeve to make vehicles and pedestrians aware of dangerous zones. This cone is different from conventional ones, as the sleeve features a blue and yellow reflective sleeve with an ‘overhead cable warning’ message.

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One-Piece Yellow No Wating Cone

Made entirely of recycled plastic, the One-Piece Yellow No Wating Cone provides a strong and long-lasting solution for handling parking and waiting restrictions.
The ‘no waiting’ zones that these cones are intended to indicate effectively prohibit unapproved parking in allocated areas.

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Road Traffic Cones- Frequently Asked Questions


What are traffic cones?

Traffic cones are markers that are used to control traffic flow, indicate potential dangers and temporarily isolate areas. They are necessary for order and safety on roads, motorways and construction sites.

Can I customise my traffic cones?

Yes, you can have your company’s name or branding embodied on your traffic cones as long as it doesn’t interfere with the D2 sleeves. At Lapwing, we can customise your traffic cones upon request.

What are the different types of traffic cones?

There are many different types of traffic cones, including reflective and non-reflective cones with D2 sleeves as well as cones of varying colours like yellow (no stopping) and green (site access). Traffic cones will feature different warnings and signage to indicate their application, such as no waiting or danger overhead.

Are there any regulations for using traffic cones?

Traffic cones in the UK must adhere to Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs manual of the Department of Transport Regulations to ensure they are visible and effective for road users, especially in construction or maintenance work areas.

What is the meaning of Chapter 8 compliance in cones?

Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual sets out the use, type, position and size of traffic management assets in different types of road and speed limits. This includes the correct usage of 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm height traffic cones.

How are traffic cones used?

Traffic cones have various uses. They are essential for guiding traffic, cordoning off areas, marking hazards and controlling pedestrian movements.