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Maximum Hand protection With Lapwing’s Safety Glove

Collection: Maximum Hand protection With Lapwing’s Safety Glove

At Lapwing we provide PPE gloves in the UK that offer durability and high performance for any job. Browse our selection of specialist safety gloves and choose the ones which best suit your project. Understanding the risks faced is crucial in selecting the correct glove for the task in hand.

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Types of Safety Gloves Available For Sale

Construction Safety Gloves

Construction Safety Gloves

These high-quality PPE gloves are designed with safety and grip protection in mind. Latex Coated Economy Gripper Gloves are a flexible and comfortable option for handling coarse materials all while keeping your hands secure.

Cut Protection Gloves

Cut Protection Gloves

The gloves are specified on a scale of 1 -5 (coup test) or A-F (ISO 13997 test). The higher the number or later the letter (1 & A give the least protection) the higher the protection gained.

Disposable Gloves

Disposable Gloves

The Blue Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Gloves have a textured surface and meet ISO and EN standards with CE MDR Class 1 and PPE Category III approval. They’re powder-free, non-sterile, disposable and latex-free.

Anti Vibration Glove

Anti Vibration Glove

Coated in a foam latex designed to reduce the effect of intense vibrations, Anti Vibration Gloves provide a great solution for those operating power tools. Their soft padding allows for a secure grip on heavy vibration machinery.


What are safety gloves?

Safety gloves are a form of PPE to protect your hands from varying conditions and elements. Construction workers who handle industrial materials rely on safety gloves to perform different tasks. Especially, those that are exposed to hazards and require insulation to avoid skin irritations and other hazards.

When should safety gloves be worn?

If there is a risk of harm or exposure to cold temperatures, then safety gloves should be worn to avoid injury. They should also remain on while using tools that produce frequent vibrations to maintain a secure grip. As a general rule, they should be worn for the entirety of a project for both safety and protection.

Why are safety gloves important?

Safety gloves are important because they make for the secure handling of heavy-duty materials associated with construction projects. As well as an improved grasp of tools that require focus and precision. Enhanced grip is important to reduce the risk of accidents caused by tools slipping out of the hands. They allow you to be your most efficient self while also keeping your hands secure.

How long are safety gloves good for?

Longevity depends on a variety of factors. If gloves are used frequently for intense applications such as handling building materials, then they might diminish over time. That’s why the quality of gloves is so important and we offer high-performance gloves made for different elements and tasks such as our waterproof and anti vibration gloves designed with durability in mind.

What are safety gloves used for?

They’re used for construction, carpentry and a range of manual labour jobs. The purpose of safety gloves is not just as a form of PPE but also as a requirement to best handle tools in an outdoor environment. When working with sharp or heavy objects, it becomes a necessity to be able to properly handle them and that’s where safety gloves serve an essential purpose providing grip and protection to the hands.

Do you sell all types of Safety gloves?

We sell a wide variety of gloves and PPE, everything from disposable to waterproof gloves meant to withstand outdoor conditions and the handling of building materials. Gloves such as Azured Dryback, Quartz Black Nitrile, Platinum Knitted Latex Coated and so many more gloves specialised for different projects. Our top-quality safety gloves are designed to meet your construction needs to do a job well done.

Can I reuse all the safety gloves?

Disposable gloves cannot be reused, as they’re not designed for long term use. However, most of our safety gloves can be reused but you should be mindful that even the highest quality of gloves will eventually degrade with normal wear and tear. At Lapwing we pride ourselves on making sure you get the best quality products for your budget to ensure a successful completion of any project.