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Lapwing stock a comprehensive range of specialist tapes for the construction industry. The ever popular cloth duct (or gaffer) tapes are stocked in a range of colours and sizes, along with specialist tapes for the utilities and civil engineering sectors.

A comprehensive range of underground warning tapes, both plain and detectable are stocked along with electrical tile tapes. Double sided butyl tapes for DPM's and insulation tapes for electrical use are also stocked along with hazard and barrier tapes!

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What Are Construction Warning Tapes?

Construction warning tapes are brightly coloured plastic tapes with bold text
that highlight a particular hazard, such as electrical cables, open sewers or
asbestos. They’re often non-adhesive and designed to be stretched between poles
or barriers, making them more visible to passers-by, or buried in trenches
above the hazard to warn future construction workers. Those designed to
highlight subterranean hazards, such as buried cables or pipes, are known as underground warning tapes.

Our Range Of Construction Warning Tapes

Underground Warning Tape - Electric Cable Below - Orbit - Tapes - Lapwing UK

Underground Warning Tape - Electric Cable Below

Electric cable underground marking tape is colour-coded bright yellow for visibility, with bold, easy-to-read text that warns of buried electrical
cables. This hazard tape is a crucial part of worksite safety, protecting both workers and the public from hidden risks.

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Underground Warning Tape - Water Pipe Below - Orbit - Tapes - Lapwing UK

Underground Warning Tape - Water Pipe Below

Coloured bright blue for easy recognition, this water pipe warning tape is highly visible and features bold text highlighting the risk posed to buried water pipes. These tapes are important to help safeguard buried pipes from damage.

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Black Cloth Duct Tape 50mm - Orbit - Tapes - Lapwing UK

Black Cloth Duct Tape 50mm

Perfect for fastening other warning tapes, carrying out onsite temporary repairs or ducting work, our black cloth duct tape is a durable, dependable adhesive tape designed to stand up to the rigours of site work.

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Tile Tape Brown/Yellow - Electric Below - Orbit - Tapes - Lapwing UK

Tile Tape Brown & Yellow - Electric Below

Our ‘Electric Cable Below’ tile tape is printed in two-tone
shades for high visibility and constructed from highly durable plastic. This heavy-duty tape is designed to be buried above underground cables to serve as a warning for future workforces, reducing the risk of accidents, as well as helping to protect cabling.

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Underground Detectable Warning Tape - Gas Pipe Below - Orbit - Tapes - Lapwing UK

Detectable Underground Warning Tape - Gas Pipe Below

Detectable underground warning tapes incorporate a metal conductor wire that allows a current to be passed through. The tracer wire provides a warning signal for cable detection equipment. This bright yellow variant warns of a gas pipe below.

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Get The Job Done With Our Construction Tapes

We supply a comprehensive range of warning tapes as well as adhesive tapes including durable duct tape, masking tape and electrical insulation tape. With everything you need to ensure a safe worksite and more, we are the perfect one-stop shop for all adhesive and detectable warning tapes.