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Collection: RAKES & SPAZZLES

Orbit Rakes, Spazzles, placers and lutes are a range of specialist contractor's tools for the groundworker and tarmac contractor. Used to spread materials such as tarmac, asphalt, gravel, concrete and other aggregates. Tarmac rakes are stocked in a range of tooth styles and handle types. Wooden lutes and spazzles are stocked, along with aluminium spazzles and placers. For a further collection of placers, visit our specialist concrete tools range.

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Rakes & Spazzles For Sale

We have a wide range of Orbit rakes and spazzles for sale. Ideal specialist tools for groundworkers and tarmac contractors to use to spread materials such as tarmac, asphalt, gravel, concrete and other aggregates. We stock rakes and concrete spazzles in a range of tooth styles and handle types. Our products are made from the most durable of materials, and for a further collection of placers, visit our specialist concrete tools range.

Our Range of Rakes, Spazzles & Other Contractor Tools

We supply a vast selection of tarmac rakes, wooden lutes and contractor spazzles, each offering distinct applications and featuring various types of rake teeth. Among our range are:

Wooden Spazzle with metal Bracket

The Wooden Spazzle with metal Bracket is ideal for heavy-duty projects thanks to the reinforcement of the bracket. It features a 60” hardwood handle with a 24” x 4” wooden spazzle blade and is extremely lightweight, making tasks, such as levelling out tarmac, a breeze.

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16 Square Teeth Asphalt Rake with Wooden Handle

The 16 Square Teeth Tarmac Rake with Wooden Handle features a 60” handle with a front section that can be heated and bent to the needed angle for the user, helping to make levelling out tarmac easy. It can also be used for other building materials.

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Aluminium Placer with Steel Handle

The heavy-duty Aluminium Placer with Steel Handle has a double dished aluminium blade and 60” tubular steel handle. With its 20” x 6” blade, placing concrete can be done effectively and without the worry of the handle breaking thanks to its highly durable strength.

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Wooden Orbit Asphalt Lute 55"

The Wooden Orbit Asphalt Lute 55” is designed to help you fine tune asphalt mats and efficiently eliminate imperfections. This lute, also known as a concrete spazzle, can be used on several surfaces, including tarmac, concrete and other loose materials.

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Rakes and Spazzles FAQs


What is a spazzle?

A spazzle is a tool used for levelling out loose materials. It is most typically used on tarmac, concrete, soil and gravel. A spazzle features a long handle connected to flat blades and often reinforced with a bracket.

What are rakes?

Rakes are tools commonly used in gardening, agriculture and landscaping. Rakes are also used in spreading asphalt & concrete. They have a long handle with a crosspiece or head at one end with a series of prongs or teeth. For gardening work, rakes will normally be more flexible, but tarmac rakes are much sturdier and will be made of steel.

What are the different types of rakes?

There are many different types of rakes, and here at Lapwing, we sell affordable rakes with round or square teeth, lawn rakes, tarmac rakes, landscaping rakes and asphalt rakes.

What is a spazzle used for?

A spazzle is used for transferring, levelling and smoothing out newly poured concrete or other loose materials. By using a spazzle, workers can efficiently distribute concrete across a large area, ensuring an even spread before further levelling and finishes are made. They are essential tools for achieving a uniform look and durability of a surface.

Is raking good for my lawn?

Raking your lawn is beneficial, as it can help remove layers of dead grass (thatch), roots and debris. Raking also helps the thatch from getting too thick, which can block air, water and nutrients from getting to the roots and soil. Routine leaf raking also aids in the removal of fallen leaves, which, if allowed to build up, can smother the grass and serve as a habitat for pests and diseases.

How is a tarmac rake different from a normal rake?

There are several differences between a tarmac rake and a normal one, including:
• Tarmac rakes feature a wide row of flat teeth specifically designed to spread and level hot asphalt or tarmac, whereas a normal rake will feature narrower teeth that are much more flexible.
• Tarmac rakes are made from durable materials such as steel. Garden rakes are typically lighter and designed for less strenuous tasks.
• The handle of a tarmac rake is longer – usually around 60” in length – than the handles of normal rakes.
• Tarmac rakes are used for laying and spreading asphalt and tarmac in construction applications, whereas normal rakes are used for garden maintenance such as clearing leaves and thatch.