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Groundwork & Civil Engineering Equipment

Collection: Groundwork & Civil Engineering Equipment

Groundwork Tools & Civil Engineering Equipment for Sale

Lapwing supplies a diverse range of high-quality groundwork tools and civil engineering equipment to assist in a wide variety of projects both small and large. Our stock of ground worker tools is your source for reliable and durable solutions for digging foundations, clearing construction sites and more. Lapworth’s civil engineering equipment list is comprehensive and is assured to provide you with the necessary tools for your projects, from quality shovels and wheelbarrows to cable reels, spirit levels and line spray aerosols.

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Spades and Shovels

Spades and shovels are essential ground worker tools and civil engineering equipment we supply that are highly versatile, durable and effective in various tasks from excavation to construction. In excavation projects, spades and shovels are used for digging trenches, foundation holes and utility line installations. They efficiently remove soil, gravel and debris and facilitate the creation of channels for pipelines and cables. Lapwing’s range of spades and shovels are perfect for foundation work including digging holes and ensuring proper stability and load-bearing capacity for structures.

Benefit from our selection of spades and shovels which offer maximum versatility and durability. Our groundwork tools enable quick and precise excavation, helping to save time and labour costs. Take advantage of the versatility of our civil engineering equipment list able to handle a wide range of materials and tasks, making them indispensable in diverse construction scenarios. Lapwing supplies cost-effective spades and shovels for prices as little as £13, made from the strongest of materials that require little to no maintenance. You’ll have accessible civil engineering equipment on hand that can be transported to different job sites with ease.


We stock an incredible range of wheelbarrows from leading British manufacturers, Walsall and Haemmerlin, as part of our civil engineering equipment list and ground worker tools. Wheelbarrows are widely used for transporting materials such as soil, gravel and concrete across many different environments, helping to significantly reduce the need for manual labour and speeding up workflow.

Able to carry various types of loads, wheelbarrows are essential groundwork tools for collecting and disposing of waste and debris for maintaining a clean and organised worksite, and they allow for precise placement of materials in specific locations, aiding in grading, backfilling and concrete pouring.

One of the best things about wheelbarrows is they are eco-friendly groundwork tools, not needing to rely on fuel or electricity, therefore, producing no carbon emissions and helping you reduce the environmental impacts of construction activities. Navigate through tight spaces and rough terrain with our stock of wheelbarrows, all designed with durability and ease of use in mind.

Additional Groundworks Tools Available

We supply a wide range of other groundwork tools, including:

And much more. You can explore our huge range of groundwork tools and civil engineering equipment for sale, with a guarantee on durability, affordability and quality. We ensure we have the products you’re after and by getting in touch with us at Lapwing, we can assist you in finding the ideal tools you require for your projects.