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For those really tough cutting jobs, only Incision diamond cutting blades will do. At Lapwing, we stock only high-quality diamond saw blades from respected manufacturers, ensuring whatever you’re cutting, our blades will get the job done. Ideal for cutting concrete, stone, tarmac and asphalt, bricks, ceramics, and more, our diamond disc cutters will make short work of a range of cutting tasks in the construction industry.

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Our Range of Diamond Blades

AL40 Alpha Range Asphalt & Abrasive Materials Diamond Blade (VARIOUS SIZES)

The Alpha Range offers diamond saw blades of exceptional quality for long life and fast cutting in all applications. Although our most expensive blades, they have proven time and again to provide the best overall value, outperforming far cheaper blades at true cost per cut. Our AL40 Alpha Range Asphalt & Abrasive Materials Diamond Blade is a great example, available in four different sizes and ideal for asphalt/tarmac and other very abrasive materials.

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BA10-300/20 - Beta Diamond Blade Hard Materials

The Beta Range offers diamond cutting blades of professional quality to give optimal performance where blade cost is critical, and quality cannot be compromised. Our BA10-300/20 Beta Range Diamond Blade for Hard Materials is an outstanding choice. With its laser-cut fine turbo segments, it’s ideal for hard materials including granite and clay.

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GM30 Gamma Range Dual-Purpose Concrete & Asphalt Diamond Blade (VARIOUS SIZES)

The Gamma Range offers great performance with competitive pricing, giving a great option for contractor’s who need blades for less demanding applications. The GM30 Gamma Range Dual-Purpose Concrete & Asphalt Diamond Blade is perfect, as the name suggests, for concrete and asphalt cutting jobs, and is available in four sizes.

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DT10 Delta Range Diamond Blade For Cutting Steel (VARIOUS SIZES)

Finally, the Delta Range is provided to meet the needs of the user where a low price is paramount. A great choice for those who need diamond cutting blades for occasional cutting jobs. Our DT10 Delta Range Diamond Blade for Cutting Steel is an ideal example, a good, strong and affordable all-rounder incision blade that will even cut metal on top of other extremely hard materials. For an asphalt-specific Delta Range blade, try the DT40 Incision Asphalt Cutting Diamond Blade.

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Diamond Blades FAQ


Are diamond blades made from real diamonds?

They can be, but today they’re generally made from lab-created diamonds, which are every bit as hard as natural diamonds. Diamond is the hardest natural substance on the planet known to science – perfect for hardcore cutting jobs.

Can diamond disc cutters cut through anything?

They’re among the most hard-wearing and versatile cutting tools, but they can’t cut through absolutely anything. That said, they are designed to cut through hard materials such as concrete, brick, stone, asphalt and tiles, with certain blades being specifically engineered for specific cutting tasks. If you need help finding the right blade for your needs, we’re here to help.

Do diamond blades last forever?

Despite what Shirley Bassey might have us believe, in the context of cutting blades sadly diamonds aren’t forever. They are incredibly robust though, and proper use and maintenance, such as ensuring the blade doesn’t overheat and is compatible with the cutting material, will significantly extend its life.

Should you cut wood using a diamond blade?

NO! Wood is too soft for the abrasive cutting action of a diamond blade, which counterintuitively can actually cause the blade to wear down more quickly. Additionally, cutting wood with a diamond blade can be dangerous due to the risk of extreme heat and the potential for the wood to catch fire. It's recommended to use blades specifically designed for wood cutting, which have teeth to slice through the material.

What is meant by hard materials, isn’t asphalt hard?

Diamond blades are graded from a hard matrix to a soft matrix. This is the metal alloy that holds the diamonds in place. For optimum cutting the matrix has to wear in tandem with the diamond grit to keep the blade sharp. Whilst asphalt may appear hard, it is very abrasive so requires the hardest matrix bonds. Conversely, products like granite that are very hard, require that the matrix bond is soft enough to keep the blade sharp.

How do diamond blades cut?

Diamond saw blades cut by grinding and are considered super abrasives.