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Insulated Road Line Pins and other things…..

Traditionally, Road Pins, or Line Pins were manufactured from mild steel rod with a forged point. This allowed the Road Line Pin to be driven into difficult and compacted surfaces with a club or sledgehammer. This makes steel line pins very versatile and simple to use, but they have one drawback: if they strike an underground cable, steel line pins make excellent conductors of electricity with potentially fatal consequences for the operator.

To reduce the risk during a cable strike, a range of insulated Line Pins, or Road Line Pins have been developed. Manufactured from fiberglass rod which has excellent insulating properties, they have a steel striking cap and forged steel point. Manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS8020:2011 each insulated line pin is flash tested to 10000V and has a unique serial number for traceability. Stocked in a choice of 16mm diameter by 1000mm or 12mm diameter in 750 and 900mm to suit your requirements.

An alternative to insulated Line Pins are non-penetrating line pins. These are manufactured from mild steel bar, but instead of a point they have a 90-degree bend at the base forming a triangle of rod that can be ballasted with sandbags or concrete blocks to provide stability to the line pins. These are also available with a lamp hook and are known as non-penetrating fence pins.

The Lapwing range of steel road line pins or Road Form Pins are available from stock in the following sizes: 16mm x 600, 900 & 1200mm and 20mm x 600 & 900mm. These versatile pins can be used for securing road forms or other shuttering products, marking out boundaries, temporary fencing and for setting out for roadways and kerbs.

Other pins include curly top fence pins. Curly top fence pins are mild steel pointed rod complete with a pig’s tail lamp hook which makes them ideal for supporting temporary fencing or rope lines. Stocked in a range of diameters (8. 10, 12 & 14mm) to cope with different ground conditions. An insulated curly top pin is also available.

Always large stocks of the popular road line pins in stock – check out our prices now or email for a quotation for larger quantities.

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