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Collection: Pins

Insulated Road Line Pins and other things…..

Traditionally, Road Pins, or Line Pins were manufactured from mild steel rod with a forged point. This allowed the Road Line Pin to be driven into difficult and compacted surfaces with a club or sledgehammer. This makes steel line pins very versatile and simple to use, but they have one drawback: if they strike an underground cable, steel line pins make excellent conductors of electricity with potentially fatal consequences for the operator.

To reduce the risk during a cable strike, a range of insulated Line Pins, or Road Line Pins have been developed. Manufactured from fiberglass rod which has excellent insulating properties, they have a steel striking cap and forged steel point. Manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS8020:2011 each insulated line pin is flash tested to 10000V and has a unique serial number for traceability. Stocked in a choice of 16mm diameter by 1000mm or 12mm diameter in 750 and 900mm to suit your requirements.

Always large stocks of the popular road line pins in stock – check out our prices now or email for a quotation for larger quantities.

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Road Pins Products Available

Whatever your requirements for road pin products, we have what you need with top-quality products from Orbit and our signature Lapwing branded pins. Whatever your project we offer road, fencing and steel road pins ensuring the best quality every time.

  • Road Line Pins

    Road line pins are long, metal stakes driven into the ground to mark out boundaries and lines for construction and landscaping work. They are used to ensure straight lines and accurate layouts in projects where alignment is essential, such as bricklaying, fencing or setting out foundations. Being made of metal they can be driven into hard or rocky soil and they are usually long to enable them to be visible in a construction setting. The benefits of road line pins are:

    Accuracy and precision – they can provide a physical guide to help achieve straight lines and accuracy in laying out structures such as laying bricks or setting fence posts.

    Easy to use – straightforward to handle road pins can be quickly driven into the ground and they can be used for various projects in a versatile manner.

    Cost effective – compared to more advanced surveying tools, road pins are relatively inexpensive and yet still provide a high level of accuracy for most construction needs.

    Durability – made from strong materials such as steel, they can withstand harsh conditions and repeated use making them a long-lasting tool.

    Improved efficiency – with clear, physical guidelines the speed of construction is made greater while minimising mistakes and making the project safer by preventing structural issues in the future.

    Road line pins are a fundamental tool in the construction trade, offering a simple but hugely effective way to ensure accuracy and efficiency in a myriad of building and landscaping projects.

  • Steel Fencing Pins

    Steel fencing pins are robust metal rods primarily used for temporary fencing and marking out areas on construction sites or at events. With a pointed end for easy insertion into the ground, they have a hooked or looped top for attaching fencing material such as plastic barrier mesh or netting ideal for demarcating areas temporarily and they can be used to support lightweight signage or banners where necessary. The benefits of steel fencing pins include:

    Durability – as they’re made of steel, steel fencing pins are strong and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for outdoor use over extended periods.

    Flexibility – these pins can be used in many settings from construction sites to gardens and events – their versatility makes them a valuable tool in many scenarios.

    Cost saving – compared to the cost of permanent fencing solutions, steel fencing pins offer a more affordable way to create barriers or demarcate off areas.

    Portable – their size and weight make them easy to move, alter, transport and store which is perfect for temporary setups that need to change regularly.

    Reusable - thanks to their durability, steel fencing pins can be reused multiple times in different locations and for various reasons making them cost-effective and sustainable.

    Steel fencing pins are practical and durable – a versatile tool for a plethora of settings and uses which makes them a popular tool in construction, event management and landscaping.

  • Insulated Road Pins

    Designed especially for use in situations where there is a risk of striking underground electrical cables, insulated road pins are different from standard road line pins as they are manufactured to ensure safety in these environments. As standard pins are made from metal, which is highly conductive, insulated road pins are designed to prevent the conduction of electricity which is essential when working near underground electrical utilities as striking a live cable can be extremely dangerous. They are generally made from non-conductive materials such as fibreglass or a composite blend. The benefits of insulated road pins are:

    Electrical safety – the biggest benefit of insulated road pins is increased safety when working near buried electrical cables. These pins reduce the risk of electric shock or electrocution if they accidentally contact live cables.

    Durability – even though they’re non-conductive, materials like fibreglass are very durable and can withstand the rigours of construction work.

    Lightweight – as insulated road pins are made from fibreglass or composite materials they’re generally lighter than steel making them even easier to handle and transport.

    Corrosion resistance – unlike steel road pins, insulated ones are made from corrosion-resistant materials which extend their useful lifespan, even in harsh environmental conditions.

    Versatility – while insulated road pins are specifically designed for electrical safety, these pins can be used just like traditional steel road line pins in construction and surveying tasks.

    Insulated road pins are an essential tool for enhancing safety in construction and surveying activities – particularly when working near submerged electrical utilities. Their non-conductive material construction offers protection from electrical hazards while still providing the durability and functionality needed in construction environments.

  • FAQs

    What are road pins used for?

    Road pins are mostly used as reference points, boundary markers, and alignment tools in the construction and surveying industries. They play a crucial role in guaranteeing precise measures and alignments for a range of undertakings, such as building roads, landscaping and developing property. To make straight, level lines that help with the exact arrangement of buildings, walkways or fences, a string line is usually strung between these pegs. They are an indispensable tool in a variety of construction and outdoor planning tasks due to their straightforward but efficient operation.

    What are steel road pins?

    Steel road pins are used in surveying and construction to create and preserve precise measurements and straight lines. These steel road pins are strong and long-lasting, which makes them appropriate for usage in a range of ground situations. They frequently have a flat or looped top for attaching string lines, and they are usually pointed at one end for ease of entry into the ground. Steel road pins are crucial for guaranteeing fences, buildings and other construction components are precisely aligned, which greatly improves the precision and calibre of construction projects.

    What are fencing pins?

    Fencing pins are used to hold up temporary fencing, especially on building sites and during outdoor events and landscaping work. Steel is typically used to ensure their strength and longevity. These fencing pins feature a hooked or looped top for fastening fencing materials like mesh or netting, and a pointed end for simple entry into the ground. A quick and affordable way to establish temporary boundaries or barriers is with fencing pins. They are a popular option for managing space and guaranteeing safety in a variety of temporary outdoor settings because of their simplicity of installation and adaptability.