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When it comes to tarmac tools, quality is crucial for a smooth process and professional finish. Quality tools are specially designed and engineered to perform their desired task effectively and efficiently, and at Lapwing, we only supply tools and equipment of the standard required for the job at hand.

From galvanised tar buckets to insulated tarmac sheets, tar boilers to long handled brushes, we have the lot and all at cost-effective prices to ensure your project never exceeds your budget.

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Our Range of Tarmac Tools

Insulated Tarmac Sheets in Various Sizes

Often referred to as tarps, these sheets are able to insulate tarmac loads and keep them hot during transportation. They’re designed to be both lightweight and durable. That way they can protect the tarmac from the cold and preserve heat. Insulated Tarmac sheets are manufactured from 610gsm PVC top-coating and a 14oz Jute base with a lightweight insulating layer between.

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Galvanised Tar Bucket

A durable container capable of withstanding extreme heat to handle the easy pouring of hot bitumen and other liquids. This robust V lipped Tar Bucket is also excellent for transporting hot tar. The V lipped shape makes pouring hot substances safe and easy. Useful for a variety of applications and construction projects that require the transporting and pouring of heated liquids.

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Gas Tar Boiler

This gas-powered Bitumen Boiler is Comprised of a 10-gallon boiler, hose and regulator, this set also comes with a small tar ladle and galvanised asphalt bucket. Each part of this kit serves a specific purpose. It starts with the boiler being the primary component used to heat tar and other substances. The regulator and hose control the flow of liquids. While the tar ladle is used to scoop and transfer hot material. The galvanised asphalt bucket is durable enough to handle tar as well as other heated materials.

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Long Handle Tar Brush

Ideal for coating rough surfaces such as bitumen and tar. It’s made of strong fibres for durability in the application of bitumen-based products. Capable of applying tar to large areas and reaching difficult areas. Fitted with a 51” wooden handle, this tar brush is useful for roofing, gutter work and various infrastructure and repair jobs.

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Why Buy Tarmac Tools From Lapwing

Choose durable, heavy-duty tarmac tools for roofing, roadworks and building needs. Our selection of high-quality tools from major brands will help complete construction and infrastructure projects of any size. Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, our tarmac building products are integral in the process of maintaining and repairing surfaces. These tools help with applying sealants, cooling surfaces, protecting finishes and a variety of tasks to make your project a success. We’re committed to providing you with top-quality construction tools at budget prices.

  • A wide range of Tarmac tools available

    We have an array of tools that will help with installations, resurfacing roofing applications and an assortment of other commercial and domestic construction jobs.

  • Quality and durability assured

    By providing top-notch tarmac tools for industries ranging from highway maintenance, civil engineering, groundworking and various other sectors, we understand the importance of getting large scale projects done.

  • Next working Day Delivery

    The demands that come with an infrastructure project are of great importance, which is why we offer hassle-free next working day delivery. If you shop by 5pm you’ll have your order the very next business day.

  • Guaranteed to provide value for professionals

    Our outstanding service and budget friendly prices for quality tarmac tools are why professionals depend on us. We take pride in supplying you with the right tools to accomplish a job well done.