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A wide range of wheelbarrows are stocked from the two leading British manufacturers, Walsall and Haemmerlin. Selected to meet the needs of professional construction workers with a choice of pan sizes, finishes and wheel types. Wheelbarrows are expensive to deliver - savings for pallet quantities are available. Contact the sales office for details.

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Wheelbarrows for Sale

Providing top-quality wheelbarrows to sites and households across the UK, here at Lapwing we are a trusted family business that is built on reliability, value for money and strong brands. Whatever type of wheelbarrow you need, we have a fantastic selection of wheelbarrows on sale that are sure to be right for your organisation, no matter the type of project. We can guarantee high performance and value for money on all of our available wheelbarrows.

Types of Wheelbarrows Available

  • Heavy-Duty Wheelbarrows:

    A heavy-duty wheelbarrow is essentially designed for the heaviest and toughest of workloads and tasks.

    This type of wheelbarrow is designed specifically to be durable and dependable in the most strenuous tasks.

    The heavy-duty range of wheelbarrows on sale here at Lapwing is recommended for industrial and commercial use.

    We have a brilliant range of different-sized pans and a selection of different designs that are sure to suit your heavy-duty needs.

  • Builder’s Wheelbarrows

    You may be wondering what the difference is between a builder's wheelbarrow and a heavy-duty wheelbarrow. Builder’s wheelbarrows are built to a superior standard to allow for constant heavy loads that are being done daily.

    Mixing strength and durability makes the selection of builder’s barrows ideal in both commercial and industrial settings. Used as an essential tool in landscaping and building, these types of wheelbarrows can come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

    At Lapwing we recommend choosing your builder’s barrow with a metal pan due to its durability and its ability to withstand heavy loads frequently.

  • Galvanised Wheelbarrows

    To prevent rust or corrosion, the galvanised wheelbarrow is usually coated with a rust-resistant layer on the pan, as well as either a galvanised or painted metal frame to allow for outside storage.

    A galvanised wheelbarrow is typically used in more domestic settings, here at Lapwing we have plenty of galvanised wheelbarrows on sale that can cater to any setting, from industrial to domestic, the galvanised wheelbarrow is the perfect choice for any gardening enthusiast.

  • Plastic Wheelbarrows

    Featuring a galvanised frame and a plastic pan, plastic wheelbarrows are typically favoured in domestic and equestrian settings.

    Although the pan may be lightweight and plastic, these wheelbarrows can withstand loads of up to 120kg and are built to an incredibly high standard and usually feature a cradle support to ensure support for heavy-duty loads. With a range of plastic wheelbarrows on sale, we are sure to have the ideal barrow whatever your project.

Key Things to Look for In a Wheelbarrow

Contractors Wheelbarrow - Orbit - Materials Handling - Lapwing UK

Wheelbarrow Tub Capacity

When it comes to deciding on the right wheelbarrow there are many elements to consider, especially the capacity of the tub or pan. Depending on your needs for the barrow, can depend on the type that you need. Most wheelbarrows come in a range of capacities, from as small as 40L (litres) to as large as 175+L (litres) Ensuring you have the correct capacity is crucial to the longevity of your wheelbarrow.

85L Tarmacking Wheelbarrow Pneumatic Wheel - Orbit - Materials Handling - Lapwing UK

Wheelbarrow Weight Capacity

It is important to remember that metal or steel pans will usually be able to sustain a heavier load, whereas a plastic tub may crack under heavy pressure. Many plastic wheelbarrows can still hold a heavy load, but it is crucial to know the amount of weight you are likely to be putting into the wheelbarrow before purchasing one that doesn’t suit your needs.

Wheels and Tyres

Wheelbarrow wheels and tyres can vary depending on the type of wheelbarrow you choose. Ranging from single-wheeled to two-wheeled and even four-wheeled (these are usually known as carts and have flatbeds).

When it comes to the right wheels and tyres, you need to think about the type of terrain that you will be using your wheelbarrow on. Single-wheeled barrows are usually easier to manoeuvre through tight spaces and corners but are more difficult to balance with heavier loads.

Tyres on wheelbarrows vary, from inflatable to plastic and solid rubber, each type of tyre is suitable for different surfaces and terrains.

Wheelbarrow Handle

Most wheelbarrow handles are made from either metal or wood. Wooden handles are usually lighter than metal but if left out in bad weather the finish may tarnish and may require retouching.

Some metal handles can be susceptible to rust if left outdoors. The design of your wheelbarrow handle can also vary like the material. Handle designs to choose from vary between straight and looped, in some instances looped handles can allow for a pull rather than a push wheelbarrow.