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Plant Nappy

Collection: Plant Nappy

Wherever you’re working, the Plant Nappy captures fuel and oil spills before they become costly pollution problems.

The Plant Nappy rapidly absorbs fuel drips and leakages, filtering out oil residue and allowing clean water to run free.
Its non-permeable base layer and specially designed side walls deliver 100% protection against fluid transfer.
Place under equipment, vehicles and tools to actively stop spills entering soil and groundwater.
Forget messy drip trays and clean-up. After the job, just roll up the removable liner and dispose of it responsibly.
Safeguard the environment and sidestep the high cost of contamination incidents. The Plant Nappy is the practical solution that’s ready to protect, right out of the bag.

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Plant Nappies For Spill Containment

A Plant Nappy is a tray that is deployed for leaks and spills made by generators, machinery and other equipment, and effectively separates water and oils, leading to better environmental protection. Lapwing supplies genuine Plant Nappies for construction sites with our various-sized plant nappies using the latest, innovative vinyl and polyester materials that boast durability. Able to absorb several litres of oil and other spills produced, it will effortlessly allow water from your equipment and the elements to pass through.

Types of Plant Nappy® to Choose From

  • Small Plant Nappy

    Our small Plant Nappy is 50 x 68.5cm and ideal for small machinery that produces contaminant liquids. Position equipment easily on the tray and let the Plant Nappy work its magic absorbing oils and hydrocarbon contaminants while other fluids pass through.

  • Medium Plant Nappy®

    Choose our medium Plant Nappy measuring 68.5 x 100cm for a light, user-friendly solution for collecting fuel or oil spills from generators and other machinery. Deploy it on any terrain without worry of tears or rips.

  • Large Plant Nappy®

    Perfect for large plant equipment and easy to secure, our large Plant Nappy is 137 x 200cm and suitable for capturing high volumes of spillages and oils. Ready to use, with no assembly required, our largest Plant Nappy is simple to deploy and reusable.

  • Plant Nappy® Liner

    Here at Lapwing, we also supply Plant Nappy® liners – sold separately – that are reusable and help extend the life of the Plant Nappy as well as increase the absorbent capacity. We sell small, medium and large liners that fit easily into the main Plant Nappy and can be simply removed for cleaning and replacement.

Plant Nappy® FAQs


What is a Plant Nappy?

A Plant Nappy is a sustainable spill containment mat designed to absorb and trap oil, fuel and leaks from machinery, preventing ground and water pollution.

why is a Plant Nappy® more efficient than a drip tray?

The Plant Nappy®is designed to be used outdoors and allows rainwater to drain whist absorbing oils. A drip tray will fill with water and allow oil to float off and contaminate the ground.

How is a Plant Nappy different from a Plant Nappy Liner?

A Plant Nappy and its liner are different in their use. The Plant Nappy provides primary spill containment, while the liner acts as an additional, replaceable absorbent layer inside the Plant Nappy for increased protection.

Can I get my order on the same day?

If you place your order before 5pm, Lapwing can deliver it the next working day. Orders destined for outside of the UK must contact us to arrange your order and costs.

Do you sell any other spill containment product?

We also sell the PlantMat in various sizes which use polymers to solidify fuel and oil into a solid mass, while utilising vertical and horizontal wicking properties to allow water to drain quickly.