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Stabila Products for Sale

Stabila is the name for levelling and measuring equipment. For more than 130 years, the company has been breaking ground in the development and sales of high-quality measuring and levelling equipment for all kinds of trades.

With everything from tape measures to laser levelling equipment, we stock a vast selection of Stabila equipment.

Stabila Spirit Levels

Spirit levels are tools that determine angles and help with levelling in construction and DIY. They work using a small vial of liquid with a single bubble. Two lines are marked on the vial, and when the bubble sits in the centre of the lines, then a horizontal or vertical level has been found.

Stabila has been producing spirit levels for more than 100 years, and today Stabila spirit levels are a prized piece of kit for any tradesperson or DIYer. They manufacture a huge range of sizes and shapes, from traditional spirit levels up to their more recent R-profile design, created for additional rigidity and featuring additional reinforcements to protect the profile and vials from impacts.

Stabila Boat Levels

In addition to Stabila spirit levels, we also stock Stabila boat levels. Much like a spirit level, a boat level features one or two vials of fluid with a single bubble, marked by two lines, used to find vertical or horizontal levels.

The key difference between spirit levels and boat levels is size. Boat levels are traditionally much smaller, and often feature tapered ends. This is to allow them to be used in much more compact conditions.

The name ‘boat level’ comes simply from their boat-like shape.

Stabila Laser Tools

In addition to our catalogue of Stabila spirit levels and measuring tools, we also stock a selection of Stabila laser levelling tools. These high-precision tools are useful in applications such as bricklaying, gardening and landscaping, carpentry, and civil engineering.

They deliver levelling measurements too with a tolerance of ±0.1 mm and feature self-levelling technology that can have the device ready to measure within 20 seconds. Designed to withstand heavy, everyday use in unforgiving environments, Stabila’s laser tools feature their patented soft grip casing to protect the hardware from impact damage, as well as a carrying case, and are dustproof and waterproof to IP65 standards.


Where to buy Stabila levels?

At Lapwing, we stock a large selection of Stabila levels and measurement tools, all offered with next-working-day delivery, and free shipping over £100.

How do I get my Stabila laser repaired?

Stabila products come with a two-year warranty, so if your laser is less than two years old, you can send it to a Stabila-approved repairer, who will repair it at no cost. If it’s older than two years, then it will need to be taken to a laser repair professional who will repair it for a charge.

How to use a spirit level?

To use a spirit level, simply hold it against the surface you wish to measure and alter its pitch until the bubble lines up perfectly between the two lines on the vial.

How to calibrate a Stabila smart level?

To calibrate your Stabila smart level, press CAL and MODE at the same time. The square after CAL shows the positions of the four-point calibration. Any positions yet to be calibrated will be blinking. Follow the arrows to the correct calibration position. The bar will indicate when the position has been reached. The only exception is the first position, where the vials must be used, so no arrows are visible.

What is a spirit level?

A spirit level is a device used to find either vertical or horizontal levels. They work using a small vial full of fluid, with a single bubble trapped inside. There are two marks on the vial, and once the bubble is perfectly between the two lines, then the level has been found. Some modern spirit levels also now use digital levelling measurements.