350-450mm PVC Drain Sealing Bag

OrbitSKU: 78SB45

Size: 450mm
Sale price£161.07


The 350-450mm PVC Inflatable Sealing Bag is the answer to a variety of pipe sealing problems. The PVC Drain Sealing Bag is an easily inflated bag for the sealing of pipes such as drains. Ideal for use in areas where access is smaller than the test diameter. The PVC Drain Sealing Bag is fitted with a schrader valve and they are inflated with a bicycle pump. Supplied with a 5m hose as standard. A 20m length of extension tubing is available (code: 78DRTKH)

14" PVC Drain Sealing Bag - maximum permissible back pressure is 2psi

Pipe Size Internal Nominal Diameter    Will Fit Pipes with Internal Diameter      Metric              Imperial                          Minimum             Maximum                       350-450mm     14"                                 350mm                 450mm

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