Poly Fibre Insulated Shock-Pro Range Square Mouth Shovel


Size: 28" Handle
Sale price£49.16


The Poly Fibre Insulated range has all the benefits of the fibreglass/polypropylene construction along with the peace of mind that they are compliant with BS8020:2012. This is an exacting specification that demands full adherence to detailed manufacturing testing procedures for safe working practices to be maintained by the user when working on or in close proximity to live conductor cables. Every tool is flash detected to 10,000 volts before the issue of a unique certificate for every tool.

The Shock-Pro range of Insulated Tools from Richard Carter is the market leading brand of Insulated Contractors Tools, recognised for their quality & durability.

The Square Mouth is a multi-use shovel for most shovelling duties. Ideal for tasks such as concrete mixing, tarmacking, back-filling, and shovelling various aggregates.

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