Dust Suppression for cut-off saws

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Effective dust suppression is of vital importance when cutting materials that contain crystalline silica, a substance that is present in most common construction products. When cut this releases a fine dust, respirable crystalline silica (RCS) that can build up in the lung and cause lung diseases and can lead to premature death.

Modern powered disc cutters are fitted with a hose connection point for attachment to a water supply hose, which provides a water jet that suppresses the dust produced when cutting. Lapwing provide a full range of hosepipes and hose fittings which can be found here.

Where mains water is not available, the Dust Suppression Water Supply Bottle provides the answer. Mobile, easy to use and requiring no external power, the ORB10 and ORB13 Dust Suppression Water Supply bottles have been meeting the needs of mobile and site workers for years.

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