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The Incision Diamond® Range of Professional Diamond Cutting Tools was introduced to the UK market in 2009 and has built a solid reputation with many national companies in providing dependable performance and real value. Building on 12 years’ experience in the Professional Diamond Tools sector, the Incision Diamond® range was designed with the desire to build trust through consistent, reliable performance with technical support and advice available to extract best value from the blades selected.

The Incision Diamond® Range products are manufactured to Lapwing’s own specification and have been selected to fulfil the varied demands of the UK market. The blades fall into four collections according to their quality, performance and cost.

The Alpha Range offers products of exceptional quality for long life, fast cutting in all applications. Although our most expensive blades, they have proven time and again to provide the best overall value, outperforming far cheaper blades at true cost per cut.

The Beta Range offers products of professional quality to give optimal performance where blade cost is critical, and quality cannot be compromised.

The Gamma Range offers great performance with competitive pricing, giving a great option for those who need blades for less demanding applications.

The Delta Range is provided to meet the needs of the user where a low price is paramount. A great choice for those who have the need for occasional cutting jobs.

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