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Traffic Management in Construction: Your Needs & Our Solutions

Traffic Management in Construction: Your Needs & Our Solutions

With the constant flow of traffic volumes on roads, effective planning of work activities and temporary closures becomes imperative to optimise safety and reduce congestion. According to HSE statistics, accidents involving moving vehicles or machinery cause over 30 deaths and nearly 4,000 injuries annually, with slips and trips resulting in about 1,000 injuries yearly. At Lapwing, we recognise the pivotal role managing traffic plays in construction projects. We offer a range of solutions tailored to address challenges and stand as a leading provider of traffic management solutions.

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What is Traffic Management?

Traffic management involves regulating vehicle and pedestrian movement around construction sites. Effective traffic flow is paramount. It not only facilitates the movement of materials and personnel but also mitigates the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with safety regulations.

Lapwing specialises in providing solutions for traffic control, from barriers and fencing to cones, trench covers, and signage.

Challenges Faced in Traffic Control:

Navigating traffic control in construction sites presents numerous challenges. Limited space, increased traffic volumes, and the presence of heavy machinery are just a few hurdles that construction managers must overcome. However, with the right solutions in place, these challenges can be successfully addressed.

Traffic Management Solutions:

Lapwing's Traffic Management Solutions:

Keep your site safe and efficient with Lapwing's traffic management equipment and supplies. The traffic management supplies and equipment we stock are designed for utilities and highway maintenance contractors; our solutions meet Chapter 8 standards for peace of mind and compliance.

Plastic Barriers: 

Versatile and durable, the plastic barriers we offer are ideal for creating safe pedestrian walkways and segregating work zones. Whether directing foot traffic or providing a barrier between construction activities and public areas, these barriers offer unparalleled reliability and effectiveness.
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Water-filled Stackable Traffic Barrier:

The sturdy and long-lasting water-filled separator stands out for its innovative design. These barriers are ideal for traffic management and crowd control. Offering stackable capabilities for efficient storage and transport without compromising durability or performance, providing stable and secure stacking. One of our customers preferred the water-filled stackable barrier over the plastic barrier as it decreases the risk of it being knocked over by construction activity or passing vehicles.
Hog Stackable Traffic Barrier - Red
Hog Stackable Traffic Barrier - White

Temporary Metal Fencing:

Designed to withstand the rigours of construction sites, our temporary metal fencing solutions provide strong perimeter protection. Easy to install and exceptionally durable, these fences offer peace of mind even in challenging environments. Establishing clear work zones, ensuring safety by keeping workers and equipment in designated areas and minimising the risk of accidents or interference between teams.
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Traffic Cones:

From marking out areas to guiding traffic flow, our cones are an essential tool in any construction site's traffic management arsenal. Highly visible and durable, they ensure clear communication and enhanced safety. For example, one of our customers needed 2 Part Blue Road Cones with a 'Danger Overhead Cables' sleeve to clearly mark and warn about overhead hazards on their job site, aligning with industry standards and best practices for overall site safety for workers and the public.
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Ancillary Products:

We also offer ancillary products such as speed ramps and kerb ramps. Speed ramps are designed to reduce vehicle speeds in designated areas, enhancing safety for workers and pedestrians alike. Kerb ramps provide easy access for vehicles and pedestrians over raised surfaces, ensuring smooth traffic flow without compromising safety.

Trench Cover Systems:

Safety is paramount in construction environments, especially around excavation areas. The pedestrian covers and trench covers we offer have a secure solution for protecting pedestrians and vehicles from potential hazards while maintaining efficient workflow on-site.
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Effective signage is essential for communicating vital information and hazards within construction zones. At Lapwing, we offer a diverse selection of signage options, from plastic and metal road signs to cone-mounted and bespoke signs. Our comprehensive range includes directional indicators, speed limit signs, and hazard warnings, ensuring clear and concise communication of crucial information. For example, one of our customers needed a 'CAUTION SITE ENTRANCE' sign to alert both vehicles and pedestrians during site setup. By employing such signage, the aim is to minimise accidents and ensure regulatory compliance.
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Personalised Cones & Barriers:

We offer cones and barriers in bespoke colours to match your brand and emboss your company details to them. This not only boosts safety but also keeps your brand consistent and helps prevent theft.

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Technology Solutions for Traffic Management:

On a larger scale, innovative technologies are revolutionising traffic management in construction. Smart traffic systems and management centres are being integrated to effectively alleviate congestion. Real-time traffic monitoring is being improved through the use of sensors and cameras to anticipate congestion points and enhance overall project efficiency.

Incorporating advanced technology solutions into construction traffic management not only streamlines operations but also offers a range of benefits. Through the integration of smart traffic systems and centralised management centres, construction sites can proactively mitigate congestion, optimise routes, and ensure smoother traffic flow. Real-time monitoring using sensors and cameras enables swift response to traffic fluctuations, thereby minimising delays and maximising productivity throughout the construction process.

Traffic Flow & Traffic Congestion Solutions:

Traffic congestion is a common issue even without construction work taking place. Strict implementation and enforcement of traffic laws and regulations are essential for reducing reckless driving and illegal parking to maintain order, safety, and efficiency on the roads. Cities and rural areas can provide efficient public transport to encourage people to leave their cars at home. Big cities are implementing congestion pricing, which is effective in London to manage congestion and encourage people to use public transport. These are just a few things that cities and rural areas can put in place to improve traffic flow and reduce traffic congestion. Not only saving time and money for individuals but improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

In addition to the measures mentioned, local councils can significantly benefit construction sites and construction traffic management by implementing tailored traffic flow solutions. By coordinating construction traffic routes, scheduling deliveries, and strategically managing road closures, councils can alleviate congestion around construction sites. Such initiatives not only expedite project timelines but also minimise disruptions to regular traffic flow, enhancing overall road safety and efficiency.


In the construction industry, safety and efficiency are crucial. When starting your next project, remember that good traffic management doesn't just reduce risks—it also boosts productivity and ensures compliance. Lapwing leads the way with top-notch traffic management solutions designed specifically for construction sites, leveraging years of expertise and a steadfast commitment to excellence. Choose Lapwing for cutting-edge solutions that set the bar for traffic control excellence.

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