AdBlue Spill Kit

OrbitSKU: 77ABK25

Size: 25L
Sale price£28.89


A comprehensive range of specialist AdBlue Spill kits for a variety of different risk controls. The Adblue Spill Kit Range is as follow:

25L Adblue spill kit in a clip top bag containing 3 x absorbent socks, 10 x absorbent pads, disposal bag & tie. Label with instructions.

50L Adblue spill kit in a tough blue shoulder bag containing 2 absorbent socks, 25 absorbent pads, disposal bag and tie. Instructions sheet.

240L Adblue spill kit in a blue wheelie bin containing 12 absorbent socks, 100 absorbent pads, 4 disposal bags and ties, instructions and content sheet.

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