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If you work in or above the ground, we’ve got you covered. We promise trusted brands, trusted products and trusted service – for every customer, on every job. 


We’re committed to stocking superior products from trusted brands – but we also understand the financial pressures of every project. Lapwing offers robust tools that deliver lasting value, alongside varied pricing options that help you hit short-term budget targets.

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We may be able to negotiate the price of some orders. To discuss potential savings, reach out to our friendly Sales Team on 01386 551 090 or, and we’ll work with you to meet your budget.


Yes, we deliver to construction sites, your local Lapwing depot or any of your sites across the UK.

All our packages are shipped recorded delivery via courier – and we’re happy to provide next working day delivery*.

If you’re sending to a destination outside mainland** UK, please contact us to arrange your order and delivery costs, rather than purchasing online.

*Next-day delivery on orders up to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Upgraded delivery must be ordered before 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

**Excludes Highlands

Orders under £75

Please note, for orders under £75, an additional £7.95 charge is added to the cost below.

Please note, the office is closed at weekends and on all English bank holidays.

We work hard to ensure your Lapwing experience is nothing less than excellent – from easy browsing and buying to speedy dispatch. To keep deliveries on track, we partner with the most reliable carriers and keep you updated every step of the way.

Yes, we do. Our vans usually cover local shipments.

We work with a selection ofcouriers who we trust to get your order delivered on time.

Please make your order by 5 pm and you’ll have it the very next day.

We understand that faulty items and returns cost time and money. Our shipping team puts great care into the way your orders are packed, so they’re ready to put to work straightfrom the box.

Mistakes like this rarely happen, but if they do, we’ll make things right immediately. Simply contact our friendly Customer Support team on 01386 551 090 or email

Please get in touch with Customer Support on 01386 551 090 or email Our helpful team will track your order, pinpoint the
problem and take steps to speed your delivery.

Definitely. We share the progress of your shipment at every stage – from order confirmation to delivery to your site or depot.

Absolutely – you’ll receive an hour delivery window to help you plan ahead.

No, unless you specifically ask them to. If your courier can’t deliver in person, they’ll leave a note to reschedule.


Good question. In short, we get it. We understand the pressures of your projects and know the trade inside and out. So you can rely on us for cost-saving product recommendations, reliable brands and quick turnaround times that keep your jobs on track.

Our Customer Support team is available Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. You can reach us on:

T: 01386 551 090


Or connect via live webchat

We always get back to you as soon as possible – often quicker than it takes to make a cuppa! In rare instances, we might take a little longer to reach you, particularly if we need to investigate supplier or delivery issues.

It’s always worth asking us. We listen to your requirements and do everything we can to deliver the products you need – even if we don’t carry them in our core range. Call Lapwing today and ask our Product Specialist for advice.

Yes, we’d love to help. Give us a call on 01386 551 090 or email our Product Specialists at to schedule a free site visit and consultation.

We want you to buy with confidence and can arrange product trials in certain instances. Please chat with our sales department team on 01386 551090 or email for more information.


We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Any product that’s damaged in transit or has a manufacturing defect will be replaced or refunded in full. 

- Please don’t dispose of your products before contacting us about your issue. 

- As a minimum, we require photographic evidence to back up any claim. 

Our customer service team always respond quickly to address any concerns. Please get in touch on 01386 551090 or email

What should I do regarding issues with my product?

We’re sorry to hear you’ve having problems with your purchase. Our Customer Service team would be happy to help. You can reach them weekdays between 8.30am and 5pm on:

T: 01386 551 090


We’ll always do our best to help. The first step is to chat with our Customer Service team, so we can learn more about the item and issue. Get in touch weekdays between 8.30am and 5pm on:

T: 01386 551 090


Or connect via live webchat

If you’re not happy with your purchase, speak to our customer service team on 01386 551090 or email They’ll talk you through return methods and costs. Refunds will be made once products are received in saleable condition, less any agreed collection charges.


We’re happy to accept returns of unused items within 30 days of purchase. Larger orders may incur a carriage charge.

To arrange your return, speak to our Customer Service team Monday to Friday, between 8.3 am and 5 pm. You can reach them on:

T: 01386 551 090


What's your refund policy?

We assess every case
individually, so please discuss the details of your order with our helpful Customer Service team. They’re available weekdays between 8.30 am and5 pm on:

T: 01386 551 090


Or connect via live webchat


The quality of a diamond blade is determined by the size, quantity and calibre of the diamonds contained in the segment matrix (the metal bond that holds the diamonds in place). Certain bonds work better with different applications, so you can extend wear rates and blade life by matching the segment bond to the material being cut.

The difference between concrete and asphalt blades is the hardness of the bond in the segment. To cut effectively, the wear rate of the bond must match the wear rate of the diamonds. 

An abrasive material like asphalt needs a very hard bond.

Concrete, which is hard but much less abrasive, needs a soft-bonded segment. 

As a basic rule of thumb, the harder the material being cut, the softer the bond, and vice versa.

No, or not necessarily. The so-called multi-application diamond blade exists to meet a clear need in the market to provide safe, efficient cutting of a wide range of products, without constantly needing to change the blade. 

Multi-blades are available at both the hard end and the abrasive end of the spectrum and users should match their blade selection with the material they cut most often. However, high cutting speeds and blade longevity are achieved by using the correct blade for the application. 

We manufacture and sell only excellent quality diamond cores, so you can cut with confidence. 

We stock four ranges of diamond blades, with price points to suit every budget. If you’re a professional user who does large amounts of cutting, it pays to do a cost study analysis to determine which range provides optimum performance for your particular needs. 

Gold-standard blades represent a significant investment, but it’s been proven, time and again, that correctly used premium blades offer the most economical cutting. We recommend considering your blade spend over six months to properly compare blade performance. 

There are many other exceptional products on the market – and many extremely poor ones. We maintain quality through established relationships with leading manufacturers who produce blades to our exacting technical specifications. By sticking with proven performance criteria, we’re confident our blades provide outstanding value for money.

One of our technical sales team would be delighted to talk to you about your blade requirements. Get in touch on 01386 551090 or email

It’s impossible to exactly predict your blade’s lifespan, but you can keep it cutting for longer with three simple guidelines. Always make sure:

- You select the correct blade for the application. 

- The operator is trained to use the blade correctly. 

- You apply the right amount of water. 

When it comes to blades, you also get what you pay for. Reaching for premium ranges over cheaper ones can also prolong staying power.


The full title for this standard is Tools for live working – Specification for insulating hand tools for work on or near conductor rail systems operating at voltages up to 1000v ac or 1500v dc.

While the standard was originally intended for work around live conductor rails, it’s become the benchmark for safeguarding crews who risk striking live service cables during excavations. Tools built to this standard are made from or fully or partially covered by insulating materials to protect the user from electric shock. When purchasing and using insulated tools, it’s important to remember: 

- They’re engineered to deliver protection from accidental contact with live conductor rails, not for live working. Live working tools fall under BS60900.

- Tools designed to BS8020 require inbuilt wear detection, provided by a white under-guard and orange over-guard. When the white under-guard is exposed, you should discard the tool.

Yes, our insulated tools are built to BS8020:2011 standard to safeguard your crew from the risk of electric shock from live service cables during excavation work. 

Carters Shocksafe is the UK’s original premium insulated digging tool brand, regarded as one of the market’s five-star products. Carters have developed their range over many years and continue to improve and innovate.

The cable layer shovel is sometimes referred to as a 1-way shovel, as it’s only suited to digging very narrow trenches. It’s ideal for burying cables with minimal ground disturbance. 

The GPO trenching shovel is often known as a 2-way shovel because its blade works well for trenching and is also wide enough for other shovelling and digging tasks.

When selecting a wheelbarrow, think about its primary purpose and the materials it will transport. You’ll need to consider: 

- Pan size – from 85L and 90L right up to 120L

- Finish – galvanised or powder coated 

- Steel pan gauge and strength 

If you’re tarmacking, we strongly recommend using the dedicated tarmac barrow, which has a heat-dissipating underpan support.

The 85L Contractors Wheelbarrow with a pneumatic wheel is our lowest-priced barrow. 

Puncture-proof wheels are spongy to give a more cushioned ride over uneven surfaces. Solid wheels work best on flat ground and around sharp objects. 

Our wooden spazzle features a substantial steel support bracket for those who need a stronger lute.

Our Chapter 8-compliant range covers standard highway maintenance signs and bespoke options for specialist jobs. Please contact our sales team on 01386 551090 or email for a quote.

Our Bitu-Band Anti-Skid Overbanding Tape is 100% HAPAS approved. Manufactured in the UK, it outperforms the requirements of the HAPAS Skid Resistance figures of > 60 SRV initial > 50 SRV retained.

We stock a range of measurements and pack sizes to cover any damp-proof course.

While we don’t carry disposable cutlery, we stock a full range of stainless-steel knives, forks and spoons. Check out all our canteen supplies here.


When listed on respiratory equipment, ‘FFP’ stands for ‘filtering facepiece’. The ‘3’ refers to the level of protection.

You may also see additional letters, including ‘FFP3V’ and ‘NR’. These stand for ‘valved’ and ‘non-reusable’. This means the masks are single use only. 

Most P3 facemasks are valved to make them more comfortable for the wearer, which means the exhaled breath is unfiltered.

All Lapwing’s FFP3 dust masks are high quality and conform to EN149:2009. When selecting masks, however, you should conduct face fitting testing to achieve the right levels of comfort and coverage. 

For those who regularly wear P3-rated masks, reusable options are considerably more cost-effective.

N95 is an American specification for respiratory equipment that’s broadly equivalent to the European P2 specification. It has a maximum filtration efficacy of 95%. Note: N95 must not be confused with KN95, a Chinese equivalent that has appeared on many second-rate products that flooded the market in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

P3 is the recognised standard in the UK and Europe. N99 and P3 are the respective specifications for dust masks with a maximum filtration of 99%. This protection level is recommended to safeguard against asbestosis and silicosis risks during dust producing activities.

We use a trusted partner for our embroidery work and would be happy to provide a cost quote and expected delivery date. Please contact on 01386551090 or email

Yes, our in-house heat-seal printing department can add logos and text to a variety of workwear. Talk through your options on 01386551090 or email

For new orders, please allow up to two weeks for our team to set your design and produce your transfers. Once your transfers are in stock, you’ll usually receive your printed order within two working days.

Yes, we can add logos and branding to most hi-vis clothing.

We stock separate orange and yellow PPE ranges, but not the two colours combined.

Absolutely. We sell a wide selection of flame retardant (FR) and Arc-compliant clothing.


We source from the UK, EU, eastern Europe, USA, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, China and East Asia.

We collaborate with an approved supplier list that our customers know and trust. We’re also always on the lookout for exciting new partners and products to meet your needs.

We’ll answer enquiries about supplier changes but reserve the right to provide an alternative partner’s product if it has a similar or superior specification to the item ordered.


Thanks for your interest in joining the Lapwing team. We’re always on the lookout for new talent and would love to hear from you. Please email your CV and a cover letter to


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