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Collection: Drain Unblocker Rods & Plungers

At Lapwing, our line of drain rods and plungers are excellent for dislodging obstructions from any drainage system. We have a vast selection of unblocking tools, such as our drain cleaning rods and rubber drain plungers that are ideal for removing clogs of any size. While there are simple household remedies for smaller clogs, certain blockages require the use of durable tools to restore the flow of water. Our line of drain cleaning solutions can dislodge a variety of severe blockages.

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  • 100mm Drain Plunger Lockfast - Orbit - Drain Cleaning & Testing - Lapwing UK
  • 150mm Drain Plunger Lockfast - Orbit - Drain Cleaning & Testing - Lapwing UK
  • Black 10 Drain Rod Set (Lockfast) - Orbit - Drain Cleaning & Testing - Lapwing UK
  • Black 10 Rod Drain Rod Set Universal - Orbit - Drain Cleaning & Testing - Lapwing UK
  • Budget 12pc Drain Set - Orbit - Drain Cleaning & Testing - Lapwing UK

Drain Unblocker Tools For Professionals

Drain unblocker rods are designed to remove obstructions from pipes, drains and sewers. If wastewater is taking longer to drain, then trust in our reliable and durable products to handle the removal of any drainage obstruction.

Clearing the passageway for wastewater is essential for many sanitary reasons and choosing the right tool depends on factors such as the severity of the blockage and the type of pipe being obstructed. Our durable range of drain rods is equipped with features and utilities to clear a path for wastewater to flow.

Our Range Of Drain Unblocker Tools

150mm Drain Plunger Lockfast

This rubber drain plunger fills the drainage area and builds up pressure in the affected area to force the obstruction to clear and allow for the passage of water. It’s equipped with a Lockfast fitting which prevents the plunger from becoming loose when the rod is rotated in the drain. The 150mm version can be utilised in 6” foul storm drainage pipes to remove any blockage. It’s designed for efficiency and to work in both residential and commercial drainage systems.

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Black 10 Rod Drain Rod Set Universal - Orbit - Drain Cleaning & Testing - Lapwing UK

Black 10 Drain Rod Set (Lockfast)

Our drain unblocker rods are specially manufactured from durable polypropylene, which can withstand the rigours of dislodging obstructions. It’s available in universal or Lockfast fittings. The difference is that Lockfast fittings prevent the rods from unscrewing whilst rotating the rod inside of a drain. This set is equipped with 10 rods, a 100mm plunger, double worm screws and a 100mm drop scraper. Drain cleaning rods are effective in handling the twist and turns of a drainage pipe system and attachments like worm screws are excellent for pulling out debris.

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Drain Unblocker Rods FAQs

Are drain rods any good?

Drain rods are an effective solution for handling obstructions disrupting the flow of wastewater. They can be fitted with different attachments to tackle a variety of blockages. They’re a quick and easy solution to simple blockages. Their length can also be adjusted which is ideal for deep blockages. Best of all, they can be used by anybody and are a great DIY option for clearing drains.

What are the different drain rod attachments for?

Drain Plungers fit the pipe diameter and cause a build up of air pressure. This means that small blockages can be cleared by pressure alone. Worm screws are used by rotating the drain rod into the blockage. The worm screw will grip into the blockage and allow it to be retrieved. Drop scrapers are designed to ride over obstructions and act as a scraper when the drain rod is recovered.

Are all drain rods the same size?

Not all drain rods are the same, drain rods can vary in length, diameter and flexibility. Some rods use Lockfast which is designed to lock tightly and prevent rods from unscrewing themselves during rigorous usage. It’s important to consider the specific task you are trying to complete when choosing the right drain rod. From there you can then decide on which attachment will best suit the blockage you’re attempting to clear.

Will drain rods go round bends?

Yes, drain rods are a versatile solution to travel through the bends and turns of pipes in a drainage system. They’re made of a flexible material that allows them to travel, twist and bend, all while remaining durable. Drain rods with Lockfast allow for flexible use and won’t come undone while being used, which makes them a popular and efficient choice for restoring the flow of wastewater through drainage systems.